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Construction Tech Talk

Construction Tech Talk’ with Nick Peret is where the tradition of the trades meets the innovation of technology. Each episode delves into discussions with industry leaders who are transforming the construction landscape, offering insights into the future of the trades through a tech-savvy lens.

John Danahey, Digital Tech Partners -
IT Systems in Construction

Secure Your Construction Business: Cybersecurity for Construction

IT Systems For Construction

Cybersecurity for Construction

Join us on Construction Tech Talk as we delve into the fascinating world of cyber security and IT systems in construction. Learn how Digital Tech Partners are helping construction companies secure and optimize their operations. Subscribe to stay updated on the evolution of technology, like Cybersecurity in Construction!

In this episode of Construction Tech Talk, host Nick Peret and guest John Danahey, a cybersecurity risk assessor and managing partner at @digitaltechpartners6675 explore the critical role of cybersecurity in the construction industry. They discuss the unique digital threats facing construction companies and strategies for protecting digital assets and ensuring operational continuity. John shares his journey from the military to IT and cybersecurity, emphasizing the importance of securing digital technologies in construction.

The conversation covers cybersecurity for construction, IT systems for construction, the types of cyber threats, the importance of firewalls, updates, and disaster recovery planning. John also emphasizes the need for companies to have competent IT and cybersecurity providers and to prioritize the security of their digital assets to prevent and recover from potential cyber incidents. The episode concludes with John offering advice on seeking providers with the right experience and ensuring comprehensive cybersecurity measures are in place.

Main Talking Points: How Cybersecurity for Construction & IT Systems for Construction Can Protect Your Construction Business

Cybersecurity for Construction & IT Systems in Construction, Construction Tech Talk Episode

00:00 Welcome to Construction Tech Talk: Bridging Tradition and Innovation

00:13 Spotlight on Cybersecurity in Construction

01:24 Meet John Dana Hay: From Military to Cybersecurity Expert

04:20 The Evolution of Technology and Cybersecurity Risks

08:21 Coding, AI, and the Future of Technology

12:53 Cybersecurity Strategies for Construction Companies

19:18 Understanding Cyber Threats and Protecting Your Business

21:28 The Importance of Software Updates and Vulnerability Management

24:30 Specific Cybersecurity Challenges in the Construction Industry

26:31 Decoding Cybersecurity: The Essentials of Encryption and VPNs

27:15 The Digitalization Dilemma: Protecting Sensitive Information

28:20 Antivirus and Beyond: A Comprehensive Approach to Cybersecurity

30:09 The Myth of Apple’s Superior Security Debunked

30:58 Disaster Recovery Planning: A Must-Have in Construction

31:19 Navigating the Cyber Threat Landscape: Insights and Strategies

38:31 The Critical Role of Third-Party Assessments in Cybersecurity

41:36 Integrating Technologies Safely in the Construction Industry

44:26 Choosing the Right Cybersecurity Partner: Tips and Advice

45:12 John’s Final Words of Wisdom: Preparing for the Digital Future

49:21 Closing Remarks: The Importance of Cybersecurity in Construction

Thank you to John Danahey for joining us on Construction Tech Talk and sharing his valuable insights on cybersecurity in the construction industry. If you’re a construction company looking to improve your cybersecurity measures or seeking expert guidance, we highly recommend reaching out to John and his team at Digital Tech Partners.

Visit their website at to learn more about how they can help protect your business in today’s digital landscape. Before we sign off, a quick word about Better Boss-our own venture into elevating the construction industry.

At Better Boss, we’re passionate about harnessing technology to streamline your business operations, from sales and estimating to project management and beyond. Our goal is to not just improve your job finances and customer experiences but to transform your business into a model of efficiency and innovation.

Discover how
@betterboss can make a difference for you at

Join us next time as we continue to explore the innovations shaping our industry, helping you build smarter, faster, and with greater confidence. I’m Nick Peret, thanking you for tuning in, and reminding you that in the world of construction, you’re not just building structures; you’re building the future. This is Construction Tech Talk – Signing off, until next time.


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Construction Tech Talk

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